5010 Military Road, Sioux City, Iowa

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ACH Auto Pay

ACH (Automatic Clearing House) is a great way to make automatic deductible contributions to Sacred Heart from your checking or savings account.  This eliminates the need to write a check each time, putting it in the envelope, and then remembering to bring to Mass! 

If you want to be part of this no-cost process, simply click on "ACH Form" below and print out the form.  Complete the form, attached a "voided" check and return it to Sacred Heart.  You can do this by dropping it in next weeks Sunday Collection Basket, or mail it to Sacred Heart at 5010 Military Road, Sioux City, IA  51103.

ACH is a great way to make sure your financial support is getting to their parish regularly and consistently. This is especially true if you vacation or live in a different part of the country for an extended period of time each year, ACH can be a great convenience to you and, at the same time, of great benefit to your parish.


Print, fill out, and mail to the Parish Office - or just drop the completed form and voided check into next week's Sunday Collection.
May God Bless you for all you do in His name!