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Holy Week

Holy Week

The Chrism Mass:  At this annual Mass, offered in the Cathedral of each Diocese, the local Bishop, with the priests of the diocese and representatives of each parish, blesses the holy oils used in administration of the Sacraments throughout the year.  The oils are presented to the parishes at their Holy Thursday evening Mass.  This year’s Chrism Mass is on March 22 at 2:00 PM at the Cathedral of the Epiphany.  You are welcome to attend and participate.

Holy Week

MARCH 25 – PALM SUNDAY – 8:00 or 10:00 a.m.  We recall the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem!

MARCH 29 – HOLY THURSDAY – THE LORD’S SUPPER  6:30 PM We recall the first Eucharist, as Jesus gathers with the Apostles to inaugurate a New Covenant in His blood.  We reenact the washing of feet as a call to service.  Adoration continues after Mass until 10:00 PM in the Day Chapel.

MARCH 30 – GOOD FRIDAY – THE PASSION OF OUR LORD  6:30 PM We enter a church that is silent and empty of all adornment.  The simple liturgy of readings, prayer, veneration of the cross and Holy Communion places us at the foot of the cross with Mary and the Apostle John.  We depart, as they did, in prayerful silence.  There is no Mass on Good Friday.

MARCH 31 – HOLY SATURDAY – THE EASTER VIGIL – 8:00 PM This is the night of nights – the most ancient and solemn of vigils!  We are surrounded with symbols of the Lord’s victory and our re-birth in the waters of Baptism; the Easter fire, the Paschal Candle, the blessing of water, reception and Confirmation of new members into our family of believers.  By direction of the Bishop this service cannot begin until dark which is determined to be 8:30 PM on March 31.

 APRIL 1 – EASTER SUNDAY – 8:00 or 10:00 a.m. It is the first day of the New Creation.  Our journey of Lent has led us, at last, to the dawn of a new Easter Season.  This the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it!